I Nearly Completely Gave Up On This Blog

So, to be completely honest with you all I had completely written off this blog as I never thought I had the time to come on here and write and post and upload it. It was more of a chore then a pleasure to get it all done but after recently watching and listening to a lot of Gary Vayner-chuck online, I can see that you have to make the time to do what you like and enjoy. Yes, I do like to write these posts but I always either watching YouTube videos or TV series when I should be really up the allotment getting it ready for next year and planning out what I want to grow with the help of my supportive partner Dawn. So, this is my statement "that I will focus more on what I enjoy, improve myself & focus on my passion" which since August last year has been grow your own food and gardening generally.

I am going to be active on all my social media which is associated with my brand, yes, I did say my brand. Currently I don't have my own brand, I am a guy who wants to be able to make a living from gardening or grow your own lifestyle. Hopefully with the support of my amazing partner dawn and some determination, I will get there one day. But first has to come the personal brand, I need to get myself a bit more of a social presence when it comes to Instagram, YouTube, my blog and Twitter (which I haven't even created yet).

one day I would like to be a person that people come to for advice or look up to as I will be doing things differently and they never thought of doing it that way their self. You can see that from my YouTube content on making the new greenhouse base and moving the greenhouse into its new location. I personally have never come across anyone else who has done it like I have, there is probably someone else out there that has done it like I have but I haven't come across them myself. At no point in my videos do I say it’s a "how to video" or an "instructional" video, I just take you along for the journey and you can see all the mistakes I make along the way.

I have big plans for the allotment and myself in the coming months and years and hopefully I will be able to hit the goals I am setting for myself. I am keeping the goals under wraps for now and I haven't gotten them set in stone at the moment, they are more like guidelines but as soon as I have set them to what I exactly want to achieve I will update you all with them all. This way we can both (myself & you guys / girls) can check I am on track and if I start to come away from them or start slacking, I would like you to remind me what I am trying to achieve.

That is all for this blog post, I do know I need to get on here more and post more which I will be doing so please keep coming back to check in on me.


Location: Chipping Sodbury, Bristol BS37, UK

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